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Welcome to the Center for Literary Computing!

Welcome to the Center for Literary Computing! This is the new CLC website - it is more responsive and lets you more rapidly find out about our projects and activities. Many thanks to David Davis and the Eberly Web Development for their work on the site.

The CLC is almost 25 years old and continues to be active and in the forefront of digital humanities. Some recent highlights:
  • In October, we organized and hosted a major meeting as part of the CELL project.
  • October was also saw the publication of Po.Ex: Essays from Portugal on Intermedia and Cyberliterature, edited by Sandy Baldwin and Rui Torres, part of our Computing Literature book series.
  • Essays continue to be published in electronic book review, check it out at
  • And we continue to actively research computer games, with a return artistic performance of Beckett Spams Counterstrike in the works, and a new research project understanding correlations between gameplay and composition skills.
There's lots more! Check out the site to learn more about these and other projects. Feel free to contact us at