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Ubu Radio


The details below are archival – this project is no longer active.

The CLC presents UbuRadio, streaming selections from the audio archives of UbuWeb. Listen to the best of avant-garde sound on your desktop, 24/7.

We’ve re-done our UbuRadio stream using ShoutCast. UbuRadio streams audio selected from the archives of UbuWeb. Currently we’re streaming a few thousands selections and we’ll add more soon. You can listen to Ubu 24/7 on your favorite media player. We had previously tried with QuickTime rather than ShoutCast, but had numerous problems. We think this version will be much more successful.

Please give it a listen. I’m sending this announcement to a limited group to test it out before we annouce more widely. While there may be some re-buffering due to net traffic and/or connection, please let me know if it seems excessive. Thanks!