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BIOS—the poetics of life in digital media

West Virginia University, Morgantown, WV September 15-17, 2006

Hosted by the Center for Literary Computing and the Division of Art at West Virginia University. Part of the E-Poetry Symposia and Festivals. Co-organized with the Electronic Poetry Center and Digital Media Studies Program (SUNY-Buffalo). Support from the WVU Department of English, the Eberly College of Arts and Sciences, and the Department of Art. All events are free and open to the public.

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BIOS: The Poetics of Life in Digital Media is an interdisciplinary symposium gathering artists and scholars to WVU for an exploration of the re-invention of life in digital media. The program combines talks and creative work / performances along broad and inclusive lines. In the most general sense, the symposium argues that digital media technologies are not the cold inhuman number-crunching machines they are often portrayed as, but sites of human embodiment, live-ness, and performance.

Participants include: Miekal And (Independent Artist/Scholar), Josephine Anstey (SUNY-Buffalo), Camille Bacos(Independent Artist/Scholar), Sandy Baldwin (WVU), Melissa Berman (SUNY-Buffalo), Helen Burgess (Independent Scholar), Heidi Cooley (USC), Maria Damon (University of Minnesota), Toni Dove (Independent Artist), Rich Doyle (Penn State), Jay Dolmage (WVU), Chris Funkhouser (NJIT), Loss Glazier (SUNY Buffalo), Kenny Goldsmith (University of Pennsylvannia), Nick Hales (WVU), Justin Katko (Miami of Ohio), Kerri Kieser (SUNY Buffalo), Elizabeth Knipe (SUNY Buffalo), Ted Krueger (RPI), Bjørn Magnhildøen/noemata (Independent Artist), Maikko (Independent Artist), Jason Nelson (Griffith University), David Pape (SUNY Buffalo), Jim Rosenberg (Independent Artist/Scholar), Semi Ryu (Virginia Commonwealth University), Alan Sondheim (Independent Artist/Scholar), Joseph A. Tighe (Duquesne University), Kenneth White (Syracuse University), Tom Zummer (Tyler School of the Art)


Friday 15 September

11am-continuing Sign-In, WVU Mountainlair Mountaineer Room

12 noon – 130pm Session 1: Discussions/Presentations

Burgess, “Show me your BIOS: technology, biology, and open source media”; Tighe, “It’s For You: The Cell Phone as Disciplinary Technology”; White, “Digital Humidity: The Cinema of Guy Maddin”

130-145pm Break

145-230pm Session 2: Performances/Readings

Magnhildøen/noemata, “Plaintext Performance”

230-245pm Break

245-415pm Session 3: Performances/Readings

Readings from the SUNY-Buffalo Digital Media Studies/MFA Program: Melissa Berman, Kerri Kieser, Elizabeth Knipe

415-430pm Break

430-530pm Sesssion 4: Discussions/Presentations

Doyle, “On Beyond Zebra? Minding the Evolution of Novel Dissipative Structures”

530-700pm Dinner, at Black Bear (the restaurant is expecting us; you pay your way)

700-900pm Session 5: Performances/Readings, 123 Pleasant Street

Katko, “What Spam Means to the SF Situationists”; Funkhouser, “States of Malaysia”; Sondheim, “Down with Dance”

Saturday 16 September

1000-1045am Session 6: Performances/Readings, Falbo Theater, CAC

Anstey, Pape, “Human Trials”

1045-1100am Break

1100-100pm Session 7: Discussions/Presentations, Falbo Theater, CAC

Cooley, “Mobile-Imaging as Life Process: The Biopolitics of “Healthful Living””; Dolmage, “Digital Disability”; Kreuger, “Perceptual Prosthetics: toward an expanded awareness”; Hales, “Digital Life in Godfrey Reggio’s Art Films”

100-215pm Lunch, On your own

215-345pm Session 8: Discussions/Presentations, Falbo Theater, CAC

Glazier, “Poetics of Movement”; Goldsmith, “If We Had to Ask Permission, We Wouldn’t Exist: A Brief Accounting of UbuWeb and the Law ”; Nelson, “Videos for BIOS”

345-400pm Break

400-530pm Session 9: Discussions/Presentations, Bloch Theater, CAC

Rosenberg, “Bios / The Logosphere / The Finite-Made Evolver Space”; Sondheim, “Phenomenology of the Real”; Zummer, “Misrecognitions/Misregistrations of Utopia”

530-730pm Dinner at the Mediterranean Deli (sign up during symposium)

730-1000pm Session 10: Performances/Readings, Bloch Theater, CAC

And/Bacos/Damon, “The End”; Glazier, “Luz”; Dove, “Spectropia”; Open Reading (sign up during symposium)

Sunday 17 September

11am Optional Wrap-Up Discussion and Brunch, at Madeline’s

Installations / Interactives Available Throughout the Symposium

Baldwin, “Black Mesa”; Maikko, “Solo”; Ryu, “Infinite Cemetary”

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