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The CLC provides consulting, outreach, and support for innovations in digital humanities scholarship. Literary computing draws attention to the forms and poetics of digital media, offering a new focus on the nature of literary texts. Founded in 1991 by Patrick Conner, the CLC continues to grow under the direction of Sandy Baldwin, with the support of the Department of English and the Eberly College of Arts and Sciences. 

The CLC is located in G20 Colson Hall. The CLC also provides opportunities for undergraduate students to work as paid interns or in work-study positions, and for graduate students to serve as assistant coordinators for the lab.
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Syllabus Archive

KnowledgeBase is developed by an interdisciplinary team of faculty, graduate students, and undergraduates at West Virginia University. The Project will supply the necessary tools for teaching literature in digital environments, and will model future research in knowledge-based humanities computing. At the same time, KnowledgeBase begins from the recognition that negotiating and navigating knowledge is an epistemological and cultural problem. The project also researches the encounter between literary studies and informatics, laying the grounds for hybrid disciplines that directly address a world of digital technologies. The first stage of KnowledgeBase is a syllabus archive, an ongoing compilation of syllabuses from our English department. The developing syllabus archive and pedagogical resources facilitate scholarly exchange and institutional memory. Check out the Knowledgebase.

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